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thailand topup logoAnd we’re off!

Thanks to fiver and a good quick favicon designer, we got a clear, to the point  favicon image completed.  Baht on your phone.  Simple as that.  We aim to be the best and easiest way to get Thai Baht on to you prepaid phone.  As for the well banked post-paid user, well you’re likely to have many more payment options at your disposal, so this feature may be a while.


Network Lookup

A word about our network look up feature.   We have the ability to do a live look up of a phone number to determine it’s network.  Once we know the network, we can send the user’s number to the right carrier to fulfill the credit request.   So if you would like to send credit to a friend, but you forgot to ask what his network is, you can do a network look up, find out the current network, and send.

There are published lists of allocations of Thai phone number and the Network they have been allocated to.  You can see this in use at a site like  This is good most of the time, but fails when the user has switched carriers.

As number portability now exists in Thailand, only relying on these rules is no longer enough.  Many user have ported there numbers from one carrier to another.  Our network check service is a live check, and will even return if a user is roaming in another country or not.





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