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We got an email out of the blue from the guys at Catcha Group, who are major investors in sites like Ensogo and and iPropertyAsia.  While we’re not yet out raising money, we do like the mantra of “Never say no when asked to present”.   Paul Graham on the other hand says it the opposite.

There’s so many things you could be doingone of them is the most important thing and you should be doing that and not any of the others.   You should not be grabbing coffee with investors.  When you want to raise money you shift into fundraising mode and you go and raise money. You do not like promiscuously meet with investors in the middle of the day when you should be working simply because they like send you an email.

Rejecting this advice I spent a week gathering together a pitch and pitch deck I could use to present.  Yes, thats a week not working on product so I start to see his point.   Practicing a pitch is it’s own art and worth perfecting so this was a great place to start.

Slides ended up being a great presentation tool with mobile phone as a remote control device.  Lots of online resources to get my head around what a Demo Day style pitch is suppose to be like.  Tip: It does not mean you have to demo your product.

The other startups were mostly Thai focused, and I missed a few of the pitches as Thailand Topup was in the middle of the pack. Some other promising start ups include Hankster (Hangover + Gangster), Niko’s Box ( Boxbee clone), Rushbike ( Uber for motorcycles ) and Parking Duck ( Bangkok parking solved ).

We were selected to join the pitches as much funding has poured into the mobile airtime space in India, and it’s not hard to make the connection in the Thai space.  Mixing rewards and top ups in Thailand is going to happen, and we hope to be a big part of it.

All-in-all great experience and when we reach the right time for funding, we’ll be ahead of the game.


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