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We are just putting the finishing touches on our bulk credit topup product, which allows people who manage multiple numbers to easily paste in a list of number as have them submitted for topup at the same time.  Prior to this if you had a list of number you would need to enter them one by one.

Registered users can copy a list of numbers from an excel file and paste them into the numbers box in the form, one number per line.   Formatting expected is local formatting, so numbers should start with a 08, 09 or 06.  Then choose either DTAC Happy, AIS 12Call or True Move.

Choose an amount of credit which all the numbers will get.  If you need an odd amount like 650 Baht, you’ll need to do orders of 500 + 100 + 50 to equal 650 Baht.

To try Bulk Topup, login and visit the tool.


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